Just Seems Suspicious

So this picture has a bit of a story behind it. This was taken in the parking lot for the Pickering Power Plant (there is a little park you can walk around). So I was shooting this sticking out my car through the sun room, when I see a bright light behind me.  Well guess what? It was the cops.

So the started asking my what I am taking pictures of and why, asked for my ID, and were suspicious that I was taking pictures of the ‘expensive boats’  I kept telling them it was just pictures of the grass. That confused them even more.  Luck for me it was instant film so I told them if they want to wait 2 minutes I can show them what I took a picture of.

(2 min pass and film gets developed)

They are still confused as ever, the second cop comes back with my ID and says I am clear and everything is ok.  The cop I was talking to tell me ‘ you’re not doing anything illegal but it’s just a bit suspicious and I’d recommend doing it else where.’ (he noticed I was from Scarborough and drove all this way for ‘that’ I told them I was taking pictures of the grass. He told me ‘I am sure there is plenty of grass in Scarborough’) or something along those lines.

This is now the 3rd time I been stopped or talked to by police while in a park. (2nd time while I was taking pictures)

At least I get a funny story from it.

Cops Love Me!

2 responses to “Just Seems Suspicious

  1. what a great shot!!! seriously.. i think that the cop head lights and a whole new dimention to the image and it adds to the photograph!! you really do have luck meeting those cops here and there.. cops dont get us photographers.. they think we are wierd with our stupid ideas..

    • Thanks, well the cops headlight just made the whole shot lighter you can see in the original polaroid. But ya the whole time they had a WTF are you doing look even while having a what seemed like normal conversation.

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