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I Saw Justin Trudeau


These were shot during Pride Toronto 2016

Shot on Fuji FP-100C on Polaroid 100 land camera


Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are

Went for a quick coffee with Jenya.

I Wasn’t In Your Bag

Hand Bag by VANTRAN (Tho T. Do)

A little sneak peak. Got a few other bags and going to be playing around with some product photography (first time really). More to come.

Also can anyone tell me which movie I got the title from. Hing: its was released mid 90’s

You’ll Never Find What You’re Looking For

Work It

Photo of Yulia as we leave STC, I live near by so came to say hi before she went off to Cuba.

Hm I think this is my first vertical picture with the Polaroid.

Past and Present

Fort York, side to side.

Laugh It Up

Hanging out with Yev at Tim Hortons.