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Reach Out

To find nobody there.

Just Seems Suspicious

So this picture has a bit of a story behind it. This was taken in the parking lot for the Pickering Power Plant (there is a little park you can walk around). So I was shooting this sticking out my car through the sun room, when I see a bright light behind me.  Well guess what? It was the cops.

So the started asking my what I am taking pictures of and why, asked for my ID, and were suspicious that I was taking pictures of the ‘expensive boats’  I kept telling them it was just pictures of the grass. That confused them even more.  Luck for me it was instant film so I told them if they want to wait 2 minutes I can show them what I took a picture of.

(2 min pass and film gets developed)

They are still confused as ever, the second cop comes back with my ID and says I am clear and everything is ok.  The cop I was talking to tell me ‘ you’re not doing anything illegal but it’s just a bit suspicious and I’d recommend doing it else where.’ (he noticed I was from Scarborough and drove all this way for ‘that’ I told them I was taking pictures of the grass. He told me ‘I am sure there is plenty of grass in Scarborough’) or something along those lines.

This is now the 3rd time I been stopped or talked to by police while in a park. (2nd time while I was taking pictures)

At least I get a funny story from it.

Cops Love Me!

Drive By

Just point and shoot.

Somewhere either Pickering, Ajax or Whitby.

So much has been developed since last took a drive around there.

Wood Burning